Family Fest



Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 16, 2019

Friday Check-In/Registration and Industry Partner Exhibits 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. 

Sunday Check-out 11:00 a.m. after breakfast program

Higher Ground Retreat & Conference Center 

3820 Logan Creek Lane, West Harrison IN 47060   For directions, click here 

This is a fun family weekend getaway filled with educational events and family activities!  We will enjoy a great weekend of learning, fun and connection with other families who live with bleeding disorders. Our theme for 2019 is "Looking Up!" and our education sessions will focus on respect, resilience, research and reaching out. 

2019 Sessions include:

  • Friday Evening Preview & Family "Bond-fire"
  • Special Program for Children and Childcare during Adult Sessions
  • Saturday Adult/Teen Sessions
  • Saturday Afternoon Pool Time 
  • Saturday Afternoon Women's Time Together: Bingo
  • Saturday Evening Family Connection: "Team-Building/Bike-Building" 

"Honoring the Past and Building the Future" - Workshop will be presented by HFA. To build our future, we must honor our past tribulations, as well as our milestones and triumphs. Inspired by HFA's History Room and Symposium presentations, this interactive program will inspire attendees to become stronger advocates for the future. 

RESPECT:  Our history and culture offers many choices when it comes to heroes. Who do we look up to? How do we show respect to those whose lives have inspired us?  

RESILIENCE:  Faced with life's challenges, how do we stay positive? Keep looking up!

RESEARCH:  Where are we headed? Let's start by looking up the facts!

REACHING OUT:    How important is community? We'll learn together as we look up and look beyond our own circumstances to give back to others.

Let's Build-A-Bike! It’s a fun team building exercise where teams assemble a fully disassembled bike (in the box). With a catch of course – we remove a few pieces from each bike set and then make you work to get them back. Work? How so you ask? Well, you might have to do a timed task, answer a trivia question, or perform some other odd, somewhat flashy task. Each successful task earns the team one of their missing pieces. Piece by piece, task by task – each team’s bike begins taking shape. After a team completes their bike, they can choose to either observe other teams or jump in to help slower teams complete their bikes. First team done “wins” with bragging rights as the prize. We will work together and strengthen relationships that already exist. Every bike built is donated to a local nonprofit for a child in need -- creating a sense of purpose and worth for everyone who participates. 


PLEASE NOTE: SWOHF Family Fest is intended for those individuals/families with Hemophilia A or B who are involved in our SWOHF community in the Greater Dayton area and who receive care at Dayton Children's HTC or a local hematologist.  

Need-based scholarships are awarded yearly -- call SWOHF Office at 937-298-8000 for more info. 

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