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Travel Scholarships


SWOHF is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for travel to our national organization conferences. These scholarships are awarded by the SWOHF Board after review of all applications received. The scholarships are open to individuals in our community diagnosed with a bleeding disorder who live in the Greater Dayton area and are treated at Dayton Children's HTC or Dayton area hematologist. The scholarship is individual affected by a bleeding disorder and one immediate family member only.

This scholarship award is intended to solely cover:

 • Registration to the 2020 HFA Symposium or 2020 NHF Annual Bleeding Disorders Conference

 • Travel to Baltimore for HFA or Atlanta for NHF

 • Hotel Accommodations

If granted this scholarship, the award is solely for direct expenses: travel expenses and hotel will be paid directly by SWOHF. 

Before you apply, please be aware that there will be other costs to attend; for example: meals, taxi/shuttle, baggage, and other miscellaneous expenses.  SWOHF is not responsible for any additional expenses of the trip

SWOHF is  excited to have the opportunity to offer these scholarships and we are confident that the family selected to attend will come back with greater knowledge and enhanced empowerment!


NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6-8, 2020

The NHF conference is one of the largest yearly gatherings for the national bleeding disorder community. For more information on this meeting, please visit their website: and click on Events/Educational Programs 

This three-day educational conference is full of interesting sessions and fun networking events for all members of the bleeding disorders community. Everyone will be able to find something to pique their interest or strengthen their professional skills. Affected individuals and families will find sessions on nearly every aspect of living with a bleeding disorder, from the basics of hemophilia and VWD to the latest in gene therapy treatment. 

Sessions are divided into tracks, to help people find the sessions that might be of interest to them. However, most sessions are open to everyone, so please feel free to create a schedule that suits your needs.

A few things to look forward to at this year’s conference:

  •     A three-hour pre-conference on von Willebrand disease 
  •     A “mini track” focusing on mental heath 
  •     A full three-day track for teens and young adults
  •     Three days of our Kids Program that will include fun and games as well as learning opportunities
  •     An overview of new and emerging therapies, including gene therapy
  •     A full track for rare factor deficiencies, including FVII deficiency, FX deficiency, FXIII deficiency and Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia.

NHF’s 72nd Bleeding Disorders Conference will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). Conference sessions along with the Exhibit Hall, Kids Program, & Registration will be held at the Congress Center along with the majority of Industry Symposia and Networking Events.  

HFA Symposium 2021 - Details will be posted when available.

HFA’s Symposium is an annual community-centered educational event that draws hundreds of members from the bleeding disorders community together to share information, learn new advancements and build a network of support!  For more information on this HFA meeting, please visit their website: and click on Programs, Events, Symposium.

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